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Our office in Switzerland was founded in 1979 in Bern by Attorney-at-Law Daniel Fischer. In 1991, two further Law offices were founded in Zurich and Zug. Unlike many other Law Firms in Switzerland, our three office locations enable us to represent our clients in the courts of all German speaking Cantons of Switzerland. Read more...

  • International and Swiss Assets Protection

    One of our specialities is the protection of assets. In recent years the capital market has changed, with the introduction of very complicated forms of investments which investors themselves often do not understand...

  • International and Swiss Economic Law

    Today’s economy is globally linked; transactions are to be considered under various legal aspects of Swiss Law and foreign Law. The foundation of an enterprise requires a correct domicile...

  • Current Events

    Telephone fraud DG, Singapore

    In Asian, the USA and mainly in Europe thousands of unsuspecting people are sold worthless shares by phone. AFP represents investors and successfully acts against banks that get involved in such transactions (Minimum damage levels in excess of CHF 25,000 or US Dollars or Euro equivalent.) Those affect should not hesitate to get in touch with Prof. Dr. Daniel Fischer by phone on 00 41 44 482 70 20 or by E-Mail.

    Helvetia Wealth

    Investors in Helvetia Wealth have chosen to turn to “AFP Advokatur Fischer & Partner” due to various noteworthy financial issues (such as the cancellation of proposed bankruptcy and bankruptcy protection) to form a group to better protect their financial interests. Please note your contact person at AFP is Dr. Daniel Fischer or Stephan Pöhner.

    Hottinger & Partner S. A. (HPSA)

    Large amounts of clients' funds are said to have been embezzled at the asset manager Hottinger et Partners in Geneva. AFP Advokatur Fischer & Partner will represent several victims. Please contact us for more informations in this case.

    CHF Floating Rate Bonds 4.125% Svensk Exportkredit 1986/2011

    AFP looks at possible charges in connection with mispricing and lack of market surveillance (50% loss rate) at the title CHF Floating Rate Bonds 4.125% Svensk Exportkredit 1986/2011.

    GEF Group esp. GFE Energy AG

    AFP represents victims, in particular, Indemnity claims against the GFE Group, particularly against GFE Energy AG, Herisau AR.

    Nemesis Investments AG

    AFP reviews allegations in connection with Agio-Politics practiced by Nemesis Investments AG.

    UBS Absolut Return

    A self-help group of the “Absolut-Return Victims” has commissioned AFP Advokatur Fischer & Partner to review Interests and Protection Rights.

    Mercury Forex Investment Assets Ltd

    AFP Advokatur Fischer & Partner represent more than one hundred victims of Mercury Forex Investment Assets Ltd resp. Crystal Capital AG.

    Swiss FE Group AG

    AFP Advokatur Fischer & Partner represent several victims and reviews charges against Swiss FE Group AG.

    Former UBS Managenment

    AFP Advokatur Fischer & Partner reviews the possibility of a Responsibility Litigation against the former UBS Managers.

    Infina Assets Management AG

    Our Law Firm reviews allegations against Custodian Banks in connection with Investment Companies Infina Investment Company AG, Kaycrown GmbH and Savic.


    Claimants of the UBS Wealth Management Global Property Fund Ltd. contact our Law Firm.


    The law firm Fischer & Partner and other law firms constitute the international K1–Victims Alliance.


    The law firm Fischer & Partner is reviewing claims in connection with Auriga Ltd.


    Since the collapse of the Madoff-empire, more and more feeders who lost their money through the formerly renowned banker are seeking for legal help from our Law Firm.

    Lehman Brothers

    One of the main focuses of our Law Firm lies in the establishment of a Class Action in the context with the U.S. Bank Lehman Brother’s.

  • Agenda

    June 2012

    Dr. Daniel Fischer made a quotation about the Google Street View order in The New York Times. Swiss Court Orders Modifications to Google Street View - The New York Times (Web) (E)

    May 2011

    AFP Fischer & Partner joins together with other lawyers from Tessin and Geneva in alliance to fight claims against Claw-Back.

    March 2011

    AFP Advokatur Fischer & Partner will submit a law suit against HSBC Switzerland. They indulge in the practice of closing Bank Accounts of clients (unjustified Claw-Back Procedure), who had invested in Madoff products via the bank. (see Sonntagszeitung 27 March 2011 (right column)

    February 2011

    Dr. Daniel Fischer is invited to a Television interview on CNBC in India. Dr. Daniel Fischer supports Amnesty. CNBC Video (TV) (E)

    January 2011

    Dr. Daniel Fischer once again takes part in a Live Discussion on the largest Television Station in India “Times Now” section: Times Now – 25 January 2011, Video 1, Video 2, Video 3 (TV) (E)

    January 2011

    Dr. Daniel Fischer takes part in a Live Discussion on the largest Television Station in India “Times Now” section: Times Now – 20 January 2011, Video 1, Video 2, Video 3 (TV) (E)

    November 2010

    Prof. Dr. Daniel Fischer lectures on 30 November 2010 at the University of Zurich (Europainstitut), Seminar-Asset Management Prof. Daniel Fischer is invited by a fraction of the German Bundestag to a non-public Symposium in connection with the Lehman Brothers Causa.

    August 2010

    AFP Advokatur Fischer & Partner closes a contract with Credit Suisse concerning a settlement after successful negotiations in connection with Lehman Brothers.

    February 2010

    Attorney Sascha Sardisong, attorney in house at AFP Advokatur Fischer & Partner, appointed to the K1 Global Victims Committee of Creditors.

    January 2010

    Pursuant to AFP Advokatur Fischer & Partner closing several settlements with Credit Suisse concerning Lehman Brothers, our Law Firm will submit further 50 charges against Credit Suisse.

    December 2009

    Aggrieved clients of UBS Wealth Management Global Property Fund Ltd. contact us.

    October 2009

    Aggrieved investors of Kantonal Bank Lucerne commission AFP Advokatur Fischer & Partner to review their claims.

    September 2009

    AFP Advokatur Fischer & Partner achieves an agreement on 100 cases with Credit Suisse i.s. Lehman Brothers.


Our business activity is based on six guiding principles

  • Greatest possible efficiency at lowest reasonable cost
  • Precise analysis of the problem taking all risk areas into account
  • Remembering to take account of non legal issues when handling legal cases
  • Inclusion of creative and goal orientated solutions
  • High emphasis on optimising the client’s time and cost factors
  • Teamwork
AFP Fischer & Partner has a cooperation with the international tax lawyer office Caputo & Partner based in Zurich, Switzerland. For questions regarding tax law contact directly.