About us

Experts on Swiss and international economic and business law.

It was Attorney-at-Law Daniel Fischer who, in 1979, founded our Law Firm in the Swiss capital Bern. Locations in the cities of Zurich and Zug were established in 1991. In comparison to many other law firms in Switzerland, our three office locations enable us to be present and appear in court within all of the German speaking cantons of Switzerland. We have decided to maintain these different office locations in order to represent our clients' interests in the best way possible, though it is not strictly necessary today to have sub-authorised law offices for every single Canton or city in Switzerland.

Depending on our clients' specific needs, economic solutions may be developed, for example, in cooperation with our different locations: Zürich, the centre of economic activity; Bern, the political capital of Switzerland; and Zug, the canton offering numerous tax privileges.

From its very beginning, the Law Firm Fischer & Partner has focused not only on domestic but also on international clients and their needs. We have been regularly entrusted with cross-border cases and questions of law, especially in the relationship between Switzerland, Germany and Austria. We have also been listed among The Top 100 World Business for comprehensive Legal Practices.

We have been present in the world-wide internet since 1997. Many international users have discovered us through our web site. Our Law Firm was the first one in Switzerland to offer five languages for web-communication.


Our business objectives

  • Greatest possible efficiency at lowest reasonable cost
  • Precise analysis of the problem taking all risk areas into account
  • Remembering to take account of non legal issues when handling the legal case
  • Inclusion of creative and goal orientated solutions
  • High emphasis on optimising the client's time and cost factors
  • Teamwork