Law Firm for international and Swiss assets protection

One of our specialities is the protection of assets. In recent years the capital market has changed, with the introduction of very complicated forms of investments which investors themselves often do not understand. As well, even more investors have found access to the stock exchange. Not only the past months, but the last decades were characterized by heavy losses of investor capital.

One reason for this was the fact that problematic individuals penetrated the capital market which led to criminal transactions. On the other hand, these losses occurred due to the lack of elucidation and advice by the leading providers of financial services. The engagement of Fischer & Partner aims for an effective protection against deficient investment advice and dubious forms of investment. In the past, we have successfully supported various investors.

Our Law Firm is the appropriate contact in the case of beguilement. We are keen to minimize the costs by uniting the victims. In Switzerland Fischer & Partner and Caputo & Partner the asset protection lawyer is one of the leading law firms in respect to assets protection. In 1909 we made a significant contribution to the final settlement by Credit Suisse in the context of the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy case and we are conducting further negotiations in this matter.

We represent victims of the Madoff bankruptcy in Switzerland as well as individual UBS customers affected by compulsory sales. In recent years, our success against Ympas and other doubtful and religiously determined forms of investments caused some controversy.