Associations, Alliances & Organisations

Fischer & Partner Law Firm are experts in assessing and resolving legal cases in their respective international context. In order to achieve best results for our clients it is of utmost importance for our local competence teams to have smooth access to and to be enabled to easily exchange legal knowledge and experience with other quality-driven law firms worldwide.

Featuring a case by case approach and strictly after thorough consideration of our clients’ expectations and wishes, we may individually decide to fully or partially involve foreign law firms in us endeavouring to achieve optimal as well as cost-efficient results for our clients worldwide.


IBA (International Bar Association)

Is the world's leading organisation of international legal practitioners, bar associations and law firms. It influences the development of international law reform and shapes the future of the legal profession throughout the world. Actually it has a membership of more than 40 000 individual lawyers and 197 bar associations and law firms spanning all continents.


EAV (Europäische Anwaltsvereinigung)

Is an international network of the most renowned law offices in the world. It has its origin in the European Union and has been expanding to the remaining countries throughout the world.


DCLG Alliance (Debt Collection Lawyers Global Alliance)

Is an international alliance of law offices specialised in debt collection.


VdSRA (Verband deutscher Strafrechtsanwälte) 

Was founded in Germany and encompasses actually more than 80 members specialised in criminal law.


WIN (World Investor Lawyer Network) 

Is an international lawyer Network of most renowned law firms that defend the rights of investors all over the world.


Madoff Alliance                                                                

Fischer & Partner Law Firm is a full member of the international Madoff Alliance.



Fischer & Partner Law Firm was one of the founders of the K1-Global Alliance.


It is without saying that Fischer & Partner Law Firm is a full member of the Swiss as well as of the Bernese Bar Association.