Company formation

Establishment of Corporate Presence in Switzerland

The expansion and/or transfer of business activities into Switzerland is attractive from a perspective of taxation as well as for business reasons.

The firm of Fischer & Partner offers you full service in that area that includes all necessary steps and research with banks and government agencies as well as company registrations. That enables you to commence business within 4-8 weeks.

The two most important corporate vehicles in Switzerland are the AG (corporation) and the GmbH (limited company). The AG remains the preferred option. Different than in Germany, the AG is as easy to form as the GmbH but it offers substantially higher reputation than the GmbH, aside from shareholder anonymity.

The GmbH is recommended as a company form only if actual operational business activity is carried out in Switzerland and in the Swiss market (e.g., trade activities, sales and distribution of products and such).

For transborder and international business activities, provision of services, invoicing of major consulting services, all financial sevices, holding structures etc. the AG is the sole appropriate and often also legally required company structure.


Principle requirements

  • for the GmbH: a minimum registered capital of CHF 20'000, presently still 2 shareholders for formation (starting in 2008, one-person GmbHs will be permitted) and one managing director resident in Switzerland (starting in 2008, transborder management will be permitted)
  • for the AG: ea minimum share capital of CHF 100'000, three founding shareholders and at least one director resident in Switzerland


The services of Fischer & Partner in connection with the formation of a company in Switzerland

  • Advice regarding appropriate company form and tax aspects in accordance with applicable double taxation agreements;
  • Formation (research of permissible names, drafting of the by-laws, of rules and regulations governing the board, and of a shareholder agreement if required)
  • Provision of an auditor and trust company for record keeping;
  • Bank introductions including the establishment of an account for the deposit of paid-in company capital;
  • complete preparation of notarial records, i.e., compliation of the deed of formation, bank confirmation of paid-in capital, statement of acceptance of the auditors and of the members of the board of directors;
  • Recording of the company in the company register following formation.


In connection with the formation of a company we are pleased to accept board appointments upon prior investigation of the company’s purposes and of the founders as well as to offer you for a start-up period an address domicile in Switzerland.


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