Contract Law

Drafting and Duties

Differences of interpretation within contracts are the starting point of many legal disputes. Therefore the professional handling of the wording of the contract with regard to the duties of the parties is required.

Model contracts are used again and again in everyday business. It is often forgotten that such contracts have to be adjusted in order to meet the individual requirements. This requires profound legal knowledge of the author.

Inappropriate adjustments can lead to drawbacks in the case of a legal dispute. The drafting of contracts in different languages is a core skill of our law firm due to our experience in various economic areas for many years.

More special attention is required with the choice of law. This question arises if parties from different countries are involved in a system of contracts (international contracts). By habit and with little reflection each party will want to make their own law applicable. The reason for this is the assumption that you know your own law better than the foreign party which however does not have to be the case.

In addition to this the parties may assign a domestic lawyer or the law of domicile might regulate an individual legal question more unfavorably than the foreign law does. In sales contracts the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) is applicable. The pros and the cons have to be weighed in each and every individual case. In international contracts the legal venue is always a topic. The thought of having a legal venue in a third country may be captivating but possibly not practical.

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