Law Firm for Swiss and international Economic Law

Today’s economy is globally linked; transactions are to be considered under various legal aspects of Swiss Law and foreign Law.

The foundation of an enterprise requires a correct domicile, a correct legal form of the company and the estimation of the consequences of the fiscal law. If a bank is to be founded, additional and various economical issues have to be considered. The collection of claims is often international and the resultant complications have to be closely evaluated. In the area of succession law, planning of assets, international planning of inheritance and its proceedings is a subject. Since the enacting of the new collective assets contract, hedge funds in Switzerland have become more important. We have expertise in this area of investment as well as in the area of money collection. Criminal law is one of our core competences. Many of our lawyers have court experience and are able to use this to the benefit of our clients.

National mandates need an adequate evaluation under various legal aspects. National offences against objects under legal protection have increased. Our in house notary is very useful in this work. especially in the area of property law and corporate transactions. With a lawyer from Germany on staff, we are able to support clients with concerns in German law issues . In all these legal fields Fischer & Partner offers support and counselling for their mandates. For further information regarding our specializations, please go to “Field of Law”.