Labor Law in Switzerland

The importance of labor law continues to increase within the advisory practice of Fischer & Partner. We think of labor law not only as comprising contested claims based upon existing or terminated employment relationships but also their anticipation in the course of drafting agreements for the avoidance of subsequent conflicts.

In the world of labor agreements that continue to develop, legal advice becomes increasingly important already at the negotiation stage and prior to entering an employment agreement. Issues involving bonus matters, employee stock options, flexibility of employment, notice requirements for termination, social security matters etc. should be negotiated and clarified in detail in the interest of both employers and employees.

Transborder employment agreements and the great demand for foreign specialist and executive labor in Switzerland require appropriate knowledge of labor and social security law provided by our internationally experienced team.

Since we always look in all legal matters beyond day-to-day issues, labor law comprises for us naturally also advice and representation in the border areas of employment matters such as sales agency and sales agreements as well as research on jurisdictional issues for the assertion of claims in international employment disputes.