Cases of the Madoff-feeders


Since the collapse of the Madoff-empire, more and more feeders who lost their money through the formerly renowned banker are seeking for legal help from our Law Firm. As it is obvious now,

Mr. Madoff is potentially one of a century perpetrator, comparable to Charles Ponzi who is considered as the inventor of the multilevel selling.


In connection with Swiss Funds such as Optima, Helvetia and several banks, like the Santander Bank in Spain, several legal clarifications, on our side, are in process.

Additionally, it has to be clarified if the rules of the public disclosure may have been violated. It is doubtful whether the tabulation had been published accordingly to the liability to account of the administration of the fund and the SICAV.

Moreover it is about the duty to give information and the duty to supervise the client’s assets. In this situation we have to be apprehensive about the possibility that the client’s investments had been allocated in a speculative manner to risky sub-funds, without their knowledge and contrary to their instructions.

In February 2009, the first meeting of the “Global Law Firm Alliance” took place in Madrid and Dr. Daniel Fischer, Attorney-at-Law, represented the Law Firm Fischer & Partner.

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